Saturday, March 18, 2017

Spring Hiatus

Well, I sort of fell of the face of the map of this wonderful blogosphere of ours. It's that time of year for me. March through May are just impossible in terms of this second job of mine. To me, being a good blogger means not only regular posting (which I don't have the time for) but also being a part of the conversation on all the great blogs out there.

Trust me. It hurts that I don't have time to read Dell's brilliant reviews or Sati's biting pop culture takedowns, Courtney's vibrant writings, M. Brown's action-packed hilarity or Brittany's "Rambling"s. I've had to drop Thursday Picks this year, and it's there that I'll miss hearing from Dancin' Dan and our friend Joel, or as you know him...joel65913. 

But I'll be back around this summer, when I plan to drop at least two new Directed by... posts, Marty and Wes.

Until then, I'll be teaching English to 8th graders, going on field trips, coaching a winning golf team, going on more field trips, chaperoning the 8th grade spring formal, teaching some more, and, hopefully, reading some books and drinking some beers in what spare time I have on the weekends.

Much Love,