24 October 2014

A Best Actress Times Two

For about six weeks now, I have found myself embroiled in a series of light debates, if you will, concerning the women, who have won the Academy Award for Best Actress more than once. This is part of a "Blogger Roundtable," including yours truly and several other movie bloggers.

I am sincerely ecstatic to be working with such a fine group of film buffs in reviewing the performance from ladies with not one but multiple Oscar statues. Led by Andrew (Fisti) of the great blog A Fistful of Films, I feel empowered in my own role as a movie lover and writer. 

Each week, we tackle a different lady and both of her Best Actress wins. 

Here's who we've covered, so far… Simply click each lady's name to be part of the discussion and find links to all the other great blogs involved.

Jane Fonda (Winner for 1971 and 1978)

Luise Rainer (Winner for 1936 and 1937)

Sally Field (Winner for 1979 and 1984)

Jodie Foster (Winner for 1988 and 1991)

Katherine Hepburn, Part I (Winner for 1933 and 1967) - She also won in 1968 and 1982.

If you've seen any of these movies, put your thoughts in the comments section. If you haven't, all of these movies are worth seeing (except Places in the Heart, which sucks). 

More to come next week. 

1 comment:

  1. LOL, poor Places of the Heart...

    So very happy to have you on board for this series buddy. You're a great addition and have such a distinct voice, it makes for such a great discussion.