29 November 2014

A Best Actress Times Two: The Second Five

Another five weeks, another five double Best Actress winners… The debates continue as I continue my journey as part of a brilliant panel of bloggers on the "Twice a Best Actress" Blogger's Roundtable over at my buddy Andrew's excellent blog, A Fistful of Films

Of course, each week, we tackle a different lady and both of her Best Actress wins. 

Here's the second five… Simply click each lady's name to be part of the discussion and find links to the work of all the other great bloggers involved.

Ingrid Bergman (Winner for 1944 and 1956)

Meryl Streep (Winner for 1982 and 2011)

Elizabeth Taylor (Winner for 1960 and 1966)

Bette Davis (Winner for 1935 and 1938)

Hilary Swank (Winner for 1999 and 2004)

Once again, I enjoyed all of these movies in one way or another, except Butterfield 8. That one didn't work at all for me, and my strong words on it and Liz Taylor's character nearly got me in some hot water. 

I gave the strongest overall rankings to Swank's performances, who I believe is in the lead overall. 

The best movie of these is the late Mike Nichols' Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, which also boasts the best single performance of this series for me from the great Elizabeth Taylor. It's funny how this works. You see, Taylor provided my least favorite and most favorite role. As it turns out, she's as polarizing to me as an actress as she was in her personal life. Interesting….

Four more to go, the home stretch…

Stay tuned!

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