08 August 2015

Saturday Speaks (and Links): Everything and Nothing Edition

Yeah. Summer 2015 ended for me, so why is it still so dadgum hot outside!? I'm telling you the Tennessee Valley turns into a damn rainforest this time of year. It's all humidity and rain everyday and mosquitoes the size of house flies and ants in the pantry and and and...

That's okay though really because...

....University of Tennessee football is back in less than 30 days away. And it is seriously about to get real on Rocky Top. 

Plus, I started back to work. Moved back up to teach 8th grade, which I am so excited about. I'm working alongside two brand new teachers (both awesome!!). Just been super busy though. I have seriously not watched a single movie this past week. Not one. 

Just been orchestrating baseball team drafts with my new 8th graders. Each student picks a team, and that's where they post their end-of-class assessment each day. Almost everything is baseball related in my room. 

I've been so busy these are the only two pictures I took of my first week back to work. I guess the pic below is fitting for a Friday afternoon at 5:00 PM. Delicious! 

I thought this was really cool. Some of this shit is real, for real.

My sister turned 29 yesterday. Crazy! On my way to Denver to visit her (and My Morning Jacket at Red Rocks next week!). Can't wait, kid. Happy Birthday!

This will be my second visit with MMJ this year. Here's the poster for my hometown show: 

Here's the promo pic for the Red Rocks show: 

I've got nothing else to say, other than True Detective Season 2 is awesome. Suck it, haters! The last two episodes were unreal great, and everything has seriously come together. I even came back around on Vaughn and Kitsch, who have really been wobbly throughout the season. Farrell and McAdams are solid, and, I hope, Emmy bound. 

I, mean, McAdams...for real, and that last scene of Episode 6...the music...the flashbacks...the grit. Just wow! 


Wendell at Dell on Movies is hosting the Against the Crowd Blogathon...Part Deux.

Conner at Conman at the Movies is hosting The Film Emotion Blogathon.

I'll be participating in both. 

Khalid at The Blazing Reel reviewed Southpaw

Brittany at Rambling Film reviewed Blue Ruin, one of my Top Ten last year. 

Alex at And So It Begins... talked Songs that Should Be Retired from Movies.


  1. Thanks! Can't wait to see your entry.

    1. No prob, man. The brainstorm commences.

  2. Thank you for the mention!
    I'm with you on True Detective. This season is great. Can't wait for the season finale.

    1. No problem, Khalid. And people are not giving this season enough credit. It keeps getting better. Can't wait for the finale tonight.

  3. You're already back at work? Damn, school starts early in your neck of the woods. Glad you're so psyched about the switch to 8th grade. As I've told you before, I have tremendous respect for classroom teachers -- I don't know if I could do it. :-)

    I am glad you're loving the new season of True Detective. I am too cheap to subscribe to cable, so I have to wait a year before seeing a new season of a series. In the meantime, I think I'll rewatch Season 1.

    BTW, your description of The Tennessee Valley reminds me SO much of life in Eastern North Carolina. That's part of the reason I moved -- I have a low tolerance for tropical climates. :-P

    1. Oh, yeah. We run on a modified year-round schedule and start the year early to get out for the long summer break before Memorial Day. Oh, I hear you. It's a tough gig that takes several years to get down. I'm starting year seven, so I'm fairly comfortable. Thanks so much for your support of teachers. We need it!

      Season 1 is better than Season 2. No doubt about it. But the dark brood is strong in this new one. I love it.

      Yes. August in this part of the country is mostly unpleasant unless you're in a boat on the lake, as I was yesterday.

  4. Yes, suck it TD haters! I can't wait for the finale tonight. Thanks for the link!

  5. Hey man, thanks for the link! And I agree, the second season of True Detective was awesome! I loved that show.

  6. School has started already down in Tennessee? That's CRIMINAL! Thankfully, school doesn't start back up here in the Great Lakes state for another month.

    BTW, love the baseball themes in your classroom! Of course, the first team I saw was my beloved hometown team, the Detroit Tigers. Sadly, they're not doing how I want them to do.

    1. Yeah. We start early but we're out for summer by Memorial Day. Works for us because August makes it pretty much unbearable to be outside. Thanks. I love baseball!