13 September 2016

Trailer Tuesday--The Accountant

While the ridiculously long, not very good trailer for Ben Affleck's latest directorial effort Live by Night has dropped, I'm still stuck on the trailer for director Gavin O'Connor's thriller The Accountant, starring Ben Affleck.

I've seen this trailer several times theatrically, and it has stuck with me. It seems a darkly toned, meticulous movie much like the character Affleck is playing, a mathematics savant who does the books for some bad people.

I love the song choice, particularly, Radiohead's "Everything in it's Right Place." I love the tone, as mentioned. This movie looks intense as hell. Plus, last week, I highlighted the trailer for Ben's little brother's movie. Ben deserves his too.


Yes? No? Whatta ya think?


  1. Wait, you didn't think the trailer for Live by Night wasn't very good? I thought that trailer looked amazing! I can't wait for that movie!

    I do like the trailer for The Accountant. Like you, I've seen this trailer several times theatrically (& I've seen the trailer for it about 7 out of the past 10 times I've been to the theater). It does look really good, & I've liked a few of Gavin O'Connor's films (Miracle, Warrior, Tumbleweeds).

    I am definitely anticipating this film.

    1. I just didn't dig its vibe that much. Not sure why! This one looks intense.