12 February 2017

In Movie Lines (with Lady Geniuses, Blue Paint Spatters...and Links)

What I Watched the Last Two Weeks
January 29th - February 11, 2016

At the Theater

Hidden Figures is just a solid movie, a smoothly-directed, powerfully acted reminder of the momentous achievements of the American 1960s in the ways of our exploration of science, technology, and space as well as our exploration of the black holes of our society, humanity. Taraji P. Henson has been robbed of an Oscar nomination, even if for one particular show-stopping scene, though Octavia Spencer's is certainly well-deserved. It's easy to appreciate a movie like this. It aims to please, and does.

★★★1/2 out of ★★★

On Home Video

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Krisha (FT)
dir. Trey Edward Shults, 2015

Cameraperson (FT)
dir. Kirsten Johnson, 2016
★ 1/2

Patton (FT)
dir. Franklin J. Schaffner, 1970
★★ 1/2

Hunt for the Wilderpeople (FT)
dir. Taika Waititi, 2016
★★★ 1/2

Sorcerer (FT)
dir. William Friedkin, 1977

Sing Street (FT)
dir. John Carney, 2016
★★★ 1/2 

High-Rise (FT)
dir. Ben Wheatley, 2015

The Phenom (FT)
dir. Noah Buschel, 2016
★★★★ 1/2

(FT) = First Time
(RW) = Re-Watch

TV Binge

Show Runners: Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof (2004-2010)

About halfway through season 3. Questions are being answered. More questions coming. So entertaining, even on a fourth watch. I'm such a loser.

Breaking Bad 
Show Runner: Vince Gilligan (2008-2014)

The last four episodes of this series are quite simply the most intense television of all-time. Good God! It is so perfect.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Show Runners: Daniel J. Goor and Michael Schur (2013 - Present)

It's hilarious.


Scottie at All the Hits So Far talks the Oscar chances of the brilliant and beautiful Manchester by the Sea.

Khalid at The Blazing Reel does his 2016 Film Awards.

Mettel Ray review The Accountant and renews my interest.

SJHoneywell at 1001plus wrote a great piece on Hell or High Water.

Sati at Cinematic Corner and Jeffery at jdbrecords share thoughts on the gorgeous new teaser for Sofia Coppola's The Beguiled.

The Numbers

I have watched 20 movies in 2017, so far.  

Re-Watched - 2

First-Timers - 18

2016 Releases - 58

2017 Releases - 0


  1. Yes to Hidden Figures. Glad you enjoyed Sing Street, too. I was very pleasantly surprised by that one. Surprised only 2 1/2 stars for Patton. I actually agree with you, but given its status as a classic, I always expect to see glowing reviews of it. I should be watching Hunt for the Wilderpeople very very soon.

    1. Right on. I really wanted to like Sing Street more honestly, but it's good. I only like about half of Patton, hence half the stars. It's a movie I know I won't watch again. Please do watch Hunt for the Wilderpeople. It's a real gem.

  2. I want to see Hidden Figures because it is about something very relevant yet I know nothing about. I'm s
    Urprised by Patton but I need to watch it again as it has been a very long time. Love Lost!!! I am a big fan and was stuck to it like glue

    1. It's worth seeing for sure. Lost is so good!!!!!

  3. I loved Hidden Figures and would agree that all three women deserved nominations and I'm glad the film itself scored one though it doesn't have a prayer of winning. So glad it's had so much box office success, this kind of movie about pluck and determination comes along all too rarely.

    Sorcerer was an interesting reworking of Wages of Fear but with enough of its own perspective to be an independent creation. It could have moved more quickly but I think you were supposed to feel the grind and tension that the men were experiencing where even their minutes moved slowly. It had that gritty exhausted feeling down. It wasn't Wages's equal but on its own a good film.

    I'm a big fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and agree it's hilarious. Andy Samberg is a good satellite for the others to move around but he wisely doesn't insist that the show be all about him. Wise since he is surrounded by expert comedic players and Andre Braugher provides a great anchor to rein in the craziness when it threatens to get out of hand. It's hard to pick a favorite character but I LOVE Gina and her dance groups...The Dance-y Reagans is sheer brilliance!

    1. Glad to hear you loved Hidden Figures so much. I really did too, though it didn't hit me as hard as I like. The performances across the board is where it shines. Henson is amazing!

      I need to see Wages of Fear. I like and agree with your thoughts on Sorcerer exactly.

      I am not that far into Brooklyn Nine-Nine but so glad to hear you love it. I am in for sure. It's really funny. Samberg is a genius as far as I'm concerned.

  4. I need to see Hidden Figures...I keep saying that. I need to! Glad you got to see Hunt for the Wilderpeople...I feel like it was such an underreported indie gem <3

    1. Do see it. It's quite good. Definitely agree on Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

  5. Well, I haven't been able to see as many films as I would have liked to in the past 2 weeks, due to the fact that I had my wisdom teeth removed last week, which was extremely painful & irritating.


    Glad you liked Hidden Figures. It's not a lock for my top 10 of 2016, but it's a great film.

    Of all the films you listed having watched on home video, I've only seen Sing Street, which I really liked. I do own Hunt for the Wilderpeople, but I do plan to watch it soon.

    Now... on to the films I've watched over the past 2 weeks...

    A couple weeks ago, I saw The Founder again. I really liked it more this time, & Michael Keaton's performance is excellent.

    Two weeks ago, I watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (better than I expected); Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (savagely funny); & Captain Fantastic (really good, & Viggo Mortensen gives a great performance).

    This week, I watched John Wick. It was awesome.

    This past weekend, I saw The Lego Batman Movie (best animated film of 2017, & there won't be a better one this year); & I saw John Wick: Chapter 2 (even better than the first film).

    This coming weekend, I plan on seeing Jim Jarmusch's new film Paterson, & I will also see the Oscar-nominated documentary I Am Not Your Negro, & I may see Fences again.

    Also, I have started watching the TV show Shameless. It's absolutely amazing so far.

    1. I can't wait to watch John Wick (which my best friend raved about when it came out and I still didn't watch it) and John Wick 2.

    2. You haven't seen John Wick yet? Dude. Watch it soon.

      (Speaking of films you need to see, you need to see Fences & Lion before the Oscars next Sunday. At least, I think you haven't seen them yet).

  6. Thank you for the link! You are so right on Henson, she was totally robbed. Wonderful performance there!