This originated as a project dedicated to a lifelong love of movies and a desperate desire to share that love. I still write movie reviews and essays on culture and media of all kinds but, these days, I also use this outlet to comment on the lack of progressive politics in my Southern corner of American.  

Across the top menu bar, you'll find a few more semi-regular features here. The List is a series of visual breakdowns of my essential movies. Directed by... is a series of posts in which my favorite directors films are ranked. The posts in these series will contain SPOILERS. I also have a segment called Progress for my comments on politics and Southern culture. 

The bottom line is that I need you, readers. I need you to read and discuss with me. Please feel free to leave a comment and to comment often and with everything you've got. Dialogue among passionate people is why this is here. 

Speaks in Movie Lines is Kevin Powers, an East Tennessee-based husband, father, teacher, cinephile, writer, critic, reader, music lover, baseball coach and fan. 

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