This is a project dedicated to a lifelong love of movies and a desperate desire to share that love. In addition to this site, I am also a freelance film critic for The Courier News, my hometown weekly newspaper. 

The reviews here are largely free of spoilers unless specifically noted, but there is always some analysis of something specific. Read at your discretion. 

In addition to reviews, you'll find three semi-regular features here. The List is a series of visual breakdowns of my essential movies. Directed by... is a series of posts in which my favorite directors films are ranked. The posts in these series will contain SPOILERS. 

The bottom line is that I need you, readers. I need you to read and discuss movies with me. Please feel free to leave a comment and to comment often and with everything you've got. Dialogue among movie lovers is why this is here. 

Speaks in Movie Lines is Kevin Powers, an East Tennessee-based cinephile, writer, critic, teacher, and baseball fan. And, yes, that is a yearbook picture from an unnamed public school where he goes by Mr. Powers or just Powers. 

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