Blind Spot Series

January - Patton
February - Kramer vs. Kramer
March* - Days of Being Wild 
April* - Fast Five 
May* - Furious 7 
June* - A Fistful of Dollars
July - Midnight Run
August - The Red Shoes
September - Grave of the Fireflies
October - Notorious
November - In America
December - Die Hard

*March-June - I failed. Those are all first-timers that I am placing here instead of my original picks that I didn't get to. 

January - Rocky
February - The Sting
April - Tokyo Story
June - 8 1/2
August - The Wild Bunch
September - Dr. Strangelove 
November* - 
December - Tess

*My Dad got sick and I didn't watch many movies. 


  1. I missed 5 of your list. Will manage time to watch these 5 in this month.

    Thank for your list.

  2. Amazing list. I watched most of your list.

    Many thanks