The Desert Island

Is this really even possible? Answer: No.

My Top Five favorite movies changes daily.

But these five movies are special. These are the ones that have lasted. They are the movies I fully know that, if I put one in my Blu-ray player right now, it would feel like the first time. They are, for me, the five most perfect movies of my life.

A few weeks ago, a couple of my Instagram followers asked me to participate in a Top Five Favorite Movies post. Therefore, I present to you my All-Time Top Five Movies list in the form of Instagram posts.

If you haven't, please watch these movies.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts!




  1. I haven't seen Field of Dreams I just know that most guys love this film, but that might a joke from a sitcom I half remember. I also haven't seen all of Close Encounters. I love Sci-fi usually but this didn't grab me. Love Amadeus such a great biopic. I enjoyed Children of Men, well can I say enjoyed? It was so bleak and impressive at the same time. I think my friend 'bigged' this up too much though. I LOVE FRAGO. But I'm a huge Coen Brothers nerd so of course I'd love the film about murder, violence and a terrible plan, classic coens. I like reading about everyones' favourite movies - they're always a mixed bunch.

    1. Haha! Field of Dreams is a classic "guy cry" movie. It really is a beautifully made film that romanticizes my favorite sport in exactly the right ways. It is a totally non-traditional "sports" movie. Close Encounters is so good. I find it completely immersive, mostly because of how big it feels, while really telling a totally intimate story about a man's obsession with something he can't explain. Children of Men is just, technically, one of the greatest films ever made. It is so perfectly shot and edited. Now, Fargo is a big one for me. I, too, am a Coen Brothers nerd, and this is the one that really defines them for me. It hit me at exactly the right time. It made me love movies on another level. Thanks for taking the time to check this page out.